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Mac-Gray Receives Maytag’s Prestigious Energy Advantage Award

Mac-Gray's Commitment to Energy and Water Conservation Are Recognized

WALTHAM, Mass., March 5, 2008 -- Mac-Gray Corporation (NYSE: TUC), the nation's premier provider of laundry facilities management services and energy-efficient MicroFridge(R) appliances to multi-unit housing locations, today announced it has been awarded Maytag’s Energy Advantage Award. It is the second time in three years that Mac-Gray has been the recipient.

“The award is in recognition of Mac-Gray's long-standing efforts to promote energy conservation to colleges, universities and multi-housing property owners and for its outstanding accomplishments in 2007, once again leading all Maytag distributors with the deployment of a record number of ENERGY STAR® rated washers and dryers,” said Phil Emma, EVP Operations, who received the award for Mac-Gray at Whirlpool Corporation’s recent annual meeting of commercial equipment customers. “What is most significant about this award is that it recognizes our corporation’s commitment to environmental responsibility.”

In addition to offering customers ENERGY STAR® rated laundry equipment, Mac-Gray has other environmentally friendly solutions for the markets it serves, including:

  • MicroFridge® appliances for colleges, universities, and the United States government. These appliances combine a compact refrigerator and a microwave oven into a single unit with an ENERGY STAR® rating and patented circuitry that is more energy efficient than operating two appliances separately.
  • ENERGY STAR® rated residential appliances for colleges, universities, apartment owners, and the United States government under the MaytagDirect™ brand.
  • PrecisionWash™ Detergent On Demand, Mac-Gray’s proprietary technology that automatically dispenses the precise amount of super-concentrated detergent into high-efficiency washing machines, preventing excessive detergent from entering the environment, and eliminating the need for plastic detergent containers.
  • VentSnake™ Advanced Cleaning, a Mac-Gray proprietary system that gets vents cleaner than with traditional brushes, so that airflow is increased, shortening dry time and lowering the energy usage as well as CO2 emissions.
TechLinx™ Automated Dispatch, a Mac-Gray proprietary dispatch system that enables faster and more efficient response to service, saving gas and reducing CO2 emissions.

“Mac-Gray has a long history of environmental leadership,” Emma continued. “As we have worked to improve our product offerings over the years, we have developed products, services and programs that reduce water and energy consumption. We are happy to again have our efforts recognized by Maytag with this prestigious award.”

About Mac-Gray Corporation

Founded in 1927, Mac-Gray derives its revenue principally through the management of card- and coin-operated laundry facilities in multiple housing facilities such as apartment buildings, college and university residence halls, condominiums and public housing complexes. Mac-Gray contracts its laundry facilities under long-term leases. These leases typically grant Mac-Gray the exclusive contract rights to laundry facilities on the lessor’s premises for a fixed term, which is generally 7 to 10 years, in exchange for a negotiated portion of the revenue collected. Mac-Gray serves approximately 64,000 multi-housing laundry facilities located in 43 states and the District of Columbia.

Mac-Gray also sells, services and leases commercial laundry equipment to commercial laundromats and institutions through its product sales division. This division also includes the Company’s MicroFridge® business, where Mac-Gray sells its proprietary MicroFridge® line of products, which are combination refrigerators/freezers/microwave ovens utilizing patented Safe Plug™ circuitry. The products are marketed throughout the United States to colleges, the federal government for military housing, hotels and motels, and assisted living facilities. MicroFridge® also markets Maytag’s Magic Chef®, Amana® and Maytag® lines of home appliances under its MaytagDirect™ program throughout the United States. MicroFridge® and Maytag® products bear the ENERGY STAR® designation. To learn more about Mac-Gray, visit the Company’s website at www.macgray.com.

Intelligent Laundry™ Solutions, Intelligent Laundry™ Systems, LaundryView™, PrecisionWash™ and MaytagDirect™ are trademarks of Mac-Gray Corporation. MicroFridge® is a registered trademark of Mac-Gray Corporation. All other product names, service marks and trademarks mentioned herein are trademarks of their respective owners.


Phil Emma
EVP Operations
Mac-Gray Corporation
Email: pemma@macgray.com
Jim Buckley
Executive Vice President
Sharon Merrill Associates, Inc.
Email: jbuckley@investorrelations.com
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